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What is a Motorboat?

We class a Motorboat as one of the following, Fishing boat, River Cruiser, Speed Boat, Cabin Cruiser, Ribs, Commercial Boat and Work Boats. As a rule it’s anything above 18ft that isn’t a yacht.

What is a motorboat? Fairline Corniche
What is a motorboat? Sportique Speed Boat
What is a motorboat? Fishing Boat
What is a motorboat? Classic Wooden Motor Boat

Transport by Road, Water or Trailer

If the boat is under two and half tonnes we can usually transport the boat on a trailer. Anything over will require a low loader. We use professional fully insured boat transport companies to move the boats around the country for us. We simply pass the cost onto you the owner in our price.

We will usually need to see pictures of the boat so we can pass these on to the transport companies. This is just to get an idea of the hull shape.

Boats can be brought to us by water as the scrapyard is at the top of Portsmouth Harbour. This option must be pre-arranged.

If the boat has a trailer, please tell us! It can make the collection much easier and possibly cheaper for you.

Inland or Coastal?

Coastal boats are usually not far from marinas with lifting facilities whereas inland boats can often be some distance from an accessible slipway or a yard with a crane.

Hull Materials

Our definition of a motorboat encompasses multiple types of boat. Therefore hull materials include GRP, Steel, Wood, Ferro cement, Aluminium, Plastic, and Carbon Fibre.

Lift/Haul Out Costs

The cost of lifting the boat onto transport is simply whatever the crane operator or boat yard charges us.

If we can winch a boat up onto a trailer ourselves, we will do. This is dependent on weight and size.

Location of the Motorboat

We need to know exactly where the yacht is located as it has a bearing on how we collect. We collect boats from in fields, gardens, marinas, boatyards, driveways, canals, rivers, beaches, harbours and inside buildings. Wherever your boat is, once we know the details, we can make a plan to collect.


We need to know the weight of the boat so we can plan for craning the boat off of transport at our Scrapyard in Portsmouth.

We need to know the weight of the boat as we base the price on how much the boat weighs. Once the boat is broken down we have to pay by the tonne to dispose of the waste. If you have ballast on board that can be removed, you are welcome to remove it before we collect the boat.


Flares incur an extra charge to dispose of as they are a difficult item to dispose of. If you want to remove the flares yourself before we deal with the boat your price to scrap will be cheaper.

Working Engines

If there is a valuable working engine in the boat we can often discount the price of disposal. Sometimes if the engines are really good we can offer to take a boat on for free. As we know that we can sell the engine to cover the cost of the scrap.

However, if the engine is a non-runner we need to add to the cost as there are extra costs to properly dispose of the engine.

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