Seamaster 20 in for Scrap from Suffolk

Our latest boat in for disposal was a Seamaster 20 river boat from a yard in Suffolk. The boat had been out of the water in storage for a number of years. Her previous owner sadly had health problems which meant he would never get the boat back out on the water.

The gentleman’s family contacted our team about getting the boat collected to save the family the storage costs. Also it would give them peace of mind going forward. It’s never nice to see families left old boats that we know they won’t be able to sell.

Reluctant Owners

However this time the boat has been dealt with well in advance of any problems. Boat yards are also keen for boats to be sorted before they end up with disgruntled owners. If a boat yard ends up being the owner of the abandoned boat it will be their bill to pay.

As collections go this one was fairly straightforward. We had the perfect roller trailer available for the collection. More importantly the boat yard had lifting facilities and the boat wasn’t blocked in at the yard.

Trip to Suffolk

a long trip to suffolk

The plan was an easy one. We towed our roller trailer to Suffolk and the boat yard lifted the boat on for us. We did have to drill a few holes in the hull to drain the excess water inside her. As a result of the water being drained the boat was a lot lighter on the trailer. It’s always interesting to see how much weight the water adds to a boat.

For example we’ve had boats in the past that have been completely full of rain water. Although they should only be light boats our hi-ab trucks have struggled to lift them.

Portsmouth Scrapyard

Once the boat was back in our Portsmouth Scrapyard the Boatbreakers team removed the framework and covers. The interior was ruined due to the years of water ingress and neglect. However the window were also worth saving.

All of the parts we’ve removed will soon be on our website. If you or a member of your family has a problem boat that they want gone just fill in our Scrap Calculator.

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