Boat Clearance from Garden

Our latest boat clearance was a Coronet 27 Sea Farer from a garden in Hayling Island. The boat had been sat on the front garden of a property that had recently been renovated. Judging by the condition of the boat it too was in the middle of a refit. Her owners had completely stripped her back ready for a full refit. However as they explained, house renovation, the purchasing of another boat and general life got in the way. They decided to get in contact with our Boat Disposal team to remove the vessel.

The house that the Coronet was sat in front of was beautiful and in a stunning location on the water’s edge. Now with the boat gone the owners will finally have some daylight through the front windows. We did mention that the owners need to make sure they remember their dressing gowns in the morning now the neighbours can see in! Boat clearance can have unexpected consequences on the owners.

Engines Disconnected

As the boat was already stripped it made our jobs slightly easier. Usually we have to remove as much as possible form each boat. But this one was just a shell with the engines still in. The first thing we organised was to have the engines and legs disconnected. Both outdrives were removed and taken away to be broken down for parts. Her engines were unbolted and made ready to be lifted.

Our plan was to have the engines lifted out on the collection day itself. This was because we needed the lifting ability of the Hiab arm to remove them safely. If the boat clearance job was in a boat yard we wouldn’t have to worry as most yards have lifting facilities. We had to have a work around in this situation. So the engines were prepped and ready to come out when the Hiab arrived. There was even a spare engine that the owner had purchased for parts.

Boat Clearance Challenges

Once the engines were out and loaded into our truck we lifted the bow section into the rear cockpit area. We sliced the front section of the boat off so that we could fit the boat comfortably on to our truck. With the engines removed the bow section then sat nicely in the gap. With the engines out and the bow loaded it was then time to lift the boat away from the house.

We were worried by the weather reports which talked about Storm Agnes which promised strong winds. Luckily for us they avoided the south coast. Strong winds during a boat clearance using a Hiab is always a problem. The wind can spin the boat and make it difficult to control. The last thing we want is to cause any damage to the property, cars or the anything surrounding the boat.

The Coronet was lifted slowly through the air and up onto the truck. Her owners were worried that the boat might collapse under the strain of being lifted. We were always confident she would be fine as we’ve removed hundreds of boats in a much worse state. You could see the relief on their faces when the boat was safely on the truck and their garden was cleared. She was soon on her way to the boat scrapyard.

Recycle For Garden Project

To complete the boat clearance we also removed the wooden blocks that the owner’s no longer wanted. We thought we could use them for storing engines in our yard. But actually ended up setting them aside for a garden project at one of the team’s house.

Overall we think the owners were really happy to have their landmark boat removed. There is always a tinge of sadness for people as the boat they’ve lived around for so long would be full of memories. It’s usually a big sense of relief for owners to finally have a solution for a boat they’ve wanted gone.

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