Responsible Boat Disposal in Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Our responsible Boat Disposal team were out on the road again, this time to Suffolk Yacht Harbour. The target this time was a stripped down Fairline Carrera 24. The engine and outdrive had already been removed by the owner. With the effort and cost to get the engine back in and the ongoing storage costs he decided to choose to scrap instead.

As the engine was removed it saved us a lot of effort having to get it out. Whilst we waited for the Suffolk Yacht Harbour team to lift the boat on to our trailer we soft stripped the rest. Our responsible boat disposal team removed the radar arch and the items in the dash. Usually these are the items that would be long gone on an old boat. There was also a nice cover and framework to go with it.

Removal of Recoverable Items

On these old motor boats the removal of recoverable items is fairly straightforward. We could easily get behind the dash board to unscrew the electronics. With the boat being fairly old the screws were all easy to free up. This all meant that by the time the boat yard team were ready to lift we were only left with the radar arch to cut off. Part of being a responsible boat disposal team is making sure we leave no mess or disrupt the collection process in any way.

All of the items that we removed from the Fairline will be available on our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group. At the time of writing we have just over 40,000 members. So, if you haven’t joined already come and get involved.

Responsible Boat Disposal Service

Boatbreakers’ responsible boat disposal service covers the whole of the UK. We will also deal with boats in the Republic of Ireland too. Whilst we were in Suffolk Yacht Harbour we could see plenty more boats that are realistically at their end of life. Every marina we visit in the country has a corner of boats looking sorry for themselves.

It is important to realise that although this boat looks ok from the outside. Ultimately the costs to store and get her back on the water is what lead to her being scrapped.

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Finally if you have a boat in a marina or boat yard that needs to be scrapped, just use our Scrap Calculator. One of our responsible boat disposal team will work out the best price to deal with the boat for you.

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