Wellcraft Caught in a Storm

Our most recent boat in for disposal was a storm damaged Wellcraft 192 from Poole. The Wellcraft  speedboat was caught in stormy conditions and it seems to have flooded before sinking on her mooring.

We were told that the relentless bad weather had overwhelmed the boat with the bilge pump not being able to keep up. The previous owner had only just purchased her and was looking forward to a summer on the water. Luckily he had insured the boat so he didn’t have to cover the costs of salvage.

Insurance Write off

It’s always interesting to collect boats that have been completely underwater and recovered. On the face of it they seem like nothing is wrong with them but usually the engines and electrics are damaged. These costs to replace often lead to the boats being written off by insurance companies.

The marina team had recovered the boat after she was submerged. Some of her damaged was caused during this process but it’s always a trick operation to raise a boat in difficult weather conditions.

Suzuki 200hp Outboard

Her engine is a big Suzuki 200hp outboard but now it would only really be good for spares. If there is someone out there looking for parts for their old Suzuki 200 this would be a god send. The trouble is with older boats or engines is that the parts are no longer readily available.

Our plan for collection was to simply take a boat trailer down to the boat yard and have the boat lifted on. We could then stand back and let the marina team safely load the boat with the correct machinery.

The boat is now safely back in our storage and we’ll get our team to remove any items with some resale value. Obviously stripping the engine down would be the first port of call. Then we will see if any of the Navigation or other electronic have survived the sinking. We aren’t expecting there to be much worth saving. If you have a Wellcraft and need some specific parts then please get in contact as soon as possible.

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