Boatbreakers News - America's Pilot Boat Disposal Program

America’s Pilot Boat Disposal Program

Abandoned boats are a growing global problem. Boatbreakers focus our efforts on the UK and Europe but across the Atlantic there is a similar problem occurring. At Boatbreakers we often get enquiries from American boat owners who are looking to dispose of their end of life vessel in a responsible manner.

Boatbreakers News - Abandoned Boat on Eastney Beach

Abandoned Boat on Eastney Beach

In 2015 we were contacted by a local marina that had a boat on a mooring which was in a sorry state. It was a catamaran that had clearly been neglected by her owners who had subsequently stopped paying their mooring fees.

Boatbreakers News - Abandoned Boats

Abandoned Boats

As I was writing this post we actually had a fresh enquiry in that was exactly what this post is about. A boat in a marina near London has clearly been left un-maintained for too long and has now started to sink. This has made a tricky boat removal even trickier as now the boat has to be pumped out and re-floated.