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Is that old boat still sat on your driveway or in your garden?

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Boat Disposal and Recycling Specialists

Boatbreakers are the boat disposal experts. When you have a problem boat trust the experts at Boatbreakers to provide a full-service for yacht, motorboats & personal water craft collection, recycling & disposal solution throughout the U.K. and Europe. Upon receipt of your instruction we will handle all aspects of boat recovery, transportation, storage and disposal as required. We offer and always deliver a professional service to find solutions for end of life boats and insurance write-offs.

Boat Dispoal Experts

All we need to know is what and where the boat is, and we’ll do the rest. You can provide those details through our easy to use Scrap Calculator. The Boatbreakers team can usually have a yacht, motorboat or jetski collected and disposed of within a week of your first instruction from anywhere in the UK including Ireland. At Boatbreakers we understand that with boats time is money, so we ensure our service is as cost effective as possible. Disposing of a boat can often be a sensitive process for a boat owner as the vessel is often part of the family, however at Boatbreakers we try to make the boat recycling process as smooth as possible.

Accredited Recycling Centres

We work with accredited recycling centres to ensure that we send as little material as possible to landfill. To collect our scrap boats Boatbreakers use experienced, professional and fully insured boat transport companies. By using local boat transport companies this also helps to keep the costs down for the boat owner.

Our only time restrictions are our pre-booked jobs, boat haulage company’s schedules or booking lifts at boatyards. Our boat recycling yard is always ready to accept end of life boats for disposal. Our Boat Scrapyard is based in Portsmouth but we are happy to collect and dispose of boats all across the UK and Europe.

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Boatbreakers Services in a Nutshell

We buy project boats in all conditions
Boat transportation & collection
We come to you to dismantle
Dive teams available on standby
Fast decisions, quick money
We buy boats of any size, anywhere
Project boats for sale
Secure shore & marina storage
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Is your boat decaying? Abandoned? Sinking? Boats left untouched cause pollution & damage to the environment. Boatbreakers can help you chose the environmentally friendly way to recycle your boat!

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Is the cost of boat ownership too expensive? You never use her & you need to quickly sell your yacht or motorboat, clear a debt or get some quick cash? Boatbreakers can help!

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Boats For Sale

We sell boats, parts, dinghies, engines, chandlery, and much more. All recovered from recycled boats. Looking for a specific boat part? Boatbreakers can help!