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A quick video recorded on possibly the nicest day of 2016 so far, we spent the morning moving our narrow boat Lucy Lockett down the Shropshire Union c…

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Project Boat Specialists

What is a Project Boat? And how can you list your Project Boat for Sale?

Maybe your boat is in a state of dis-repair?, In need of major repairs? Are you unable to sell her because of her current condition? Boatbreakers can help! We are the perfect people to offer project boats for sale. We may even buy them ourselves and you can shift a costly boat for cash.

We specialise in finding buyers for boats in situations like above and with our fixed fee brokerage service you can get a good price for your boat at a minimum of cost to yourself. At Boatbreakers we are always interested in helping you list your project boats for sale. Most brokers won’t want to go near a boat that is in need of work but we definitely will! If you have a project yacht, motorboat or narrow boat we can help.

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Scrap Your Boat

Is your boat decaying? Abandoned? Sinking? Boats left untouched cause pollution & damage to the environment. Boatbreakers can help you chose the environmentally friendly way to recycle your boat!

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Trade Your Boat

Is the cost of boat ownership too expensive? You never use her & you need to quickly sell your yacht or motorboat, clear a debt or get some quick cash? Boatbreakers can help!

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Boats For Sale

We sell boats, parts, dinghies, engines, chandlery, and much more. All recovered from recycled boats. Looking for a specific boat part? Boatbreakers can help!