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Boat Themed Props

for Film, TV Shows, and Events

At Boatbreakers we can help you find the perfect boat themed prop for your Film, TV show, Party, Photoshoot or Event. We are always breaking boats so there are always parts that could be perfect for your needs. We have provided old speedboats to movie sets, parts for the TARDIS in Doctor Who and chunks of old ships for a shipwrecked themed party. Whatever you need, give us a call and we can find it.

Talos in Jurassic World

Our most high profile boat prop we provided was for the recent Jurassic World film. In the scenes set in Malta we provided a Contessa 34 which was renamed “Talos”. At the beginning of the Velociraptor bike chase scene the boat can be seen clearly behind Chris Pratt’s character.

In 2016 one of our old speedboats is in “Free Fire”, a new British film directed by Ben Wheatley. Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival. So look out for our little boat being shot to pieces!

Another example of one of our props being used is in the popular BBC series Doctor Who. Boatbreakers provided the throttle from one of our scrap boats which is now part of the TARDIS’s control panel.

The Boatbreakers team has also provided props for Top Gear. We were asked to chop off the front of a yacht and luckily we had a yacht in for scrap that day so we had no trouble in getting the Top Gear team their prop.

Also in early 2017 we provided some items to be used on the set of an upcoming Star Wars movie. Sadly we didn’t get to deliver them to the set but it’s still cool to know somewhere in a galaxy far far away are some props from the Boatbreakers yard.

If we don’t have the part you need in our scrapyard we can always source it for you, just give us a call. Whether you need chains, anchors, masts, or even an old boat our scrapyard is a treasure trove of useful materials. Our boat breaking team can also help source marine antique items that have been recovered from scrap ships.

We understand that you don’t always want to pay and keep some of the items you need so we also hire out props. So why not rent the perfect maritime themed party decorations from us. Just give us a call!

A Selection of Gauges

At the Portsmouth Scrapyard we are based in we recently uncovered a large box of gauges. These gauges would have probably been spares from Naval stores or from other large ships that would have been broken up on site.

Now they’d make great props for anyone looking to create a ship, industrial, steampunk, sci-fi themed set. They could probably still be used as most are technically still new and in original packaging. So if you have a gauge missing on your war ship give us a call.

Film Prop News

Boatbreakers Movie Star Boat

By |September 22nd, 2016|Film Props|

As mentioned on our @boatbreakers Twitter feed there will soon be one of our old boats featuring in a movie. The film is Free Fire, which is a all action shoot'em up beaten two gangs in an abandoned warehouse.

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