Boatbreakers® Business in Summary

We Scrap Boats, Recycle Boats and Salvage Boats.

That’s Boat Demolition & Disposal for any yacht, motorboat or ship, any size, any condition, anywhere.

Boatbreakers® specialise in disposal of end of life boats. We will arrange boat demolition across our network of end of life boat disposal sites in the UK. If you have an old boat that needs to be scrapped, tell us to scrap your boat using our Scrap Calculator.

If the vessel has been neglected, needs an expensive repair or the owner has fallen behind in her maintenance and now just can’t afford to get her shipshape again, call us. We can have the boat removed and the financial burden lifted within two weeks. Our team will then get the boat back to our yard in Portsmouth where we will decide whether to crush the boat or sell parts on.

In some cases we can even find a buyer who will take her on as a project and you can then relax in the knowledge that your former pride and joy will get a new owner who can afford to invest in her and get her back on the water.

The Boatbreakers® Warehouse in Gosport

The Boatbreakers® Warehouse in Gosport

We provide a bespoke boat disposal services UK wide to owners of yachts, motorboats, barges, dinghies, super yachts and commercial shipping lying in harbours, boatyards, marinas and docks to owners, agents and lenders who need to discreetly dispose of, profitably resell or scrap these vessels whatever condition they may be in.

If the yacht, motorboat or ship is proving overly expensive with increased marina fees, maintenance and insurance, or has been neglected and now needs significant and un-affordable work doing to her, or your broker is struggling to sell her for whatever reason, we can and have a range of solutions designed to ease your worries.

If you have a vessel no matter what size, in a harbour, marina, on a mooring or anchored and you need a quick sale to release the financial burden and liability of boat or ship ownership, or you represent a finance house or bank and just need it sold, call us. Some boats will still hold their value and we can either remove the boat for free or make you a cash offer.

Boatbreakers™ Van

If you are a lender, insurer or loss adjuster and need the boat repossessed, or want the hull to be scrapped or sold off quickly Boatbreakers® can help. We arrange worldwide boat repossessions, collections and relocation from any port, anywhere and can send a crew with a captain at a moment’s notice. When you have a claim to settle give Boatbreakers® a call and we will do the rest.

We provide a professional, discreet and committed service that won’t mess you about. If you would like to talk to us in person you can visit our office in Gosport. We would be happy to talk you through the boat disposal process.

Our Advantages

1 Discreet Solutions

Boatbreakers® can assist in vessel disposal, whether it’s a quiet sale, removal or repossession and keep the whole matter on a very discreet basis.

2Very Experienced

Boatbreakers® employ trained marine surveyors and maritime engineers who are able to use our knowledge and experience to professionally resolve vessel problems worldwide.

3 Available Immediately

Boatbreakers® can deploy a surveyor, marine engineer, diver or salvage expert to your boat today, or if its advice you need just call.

4 Trusted Approach

A Boat Disposal Process that’s trusted by Insurers, Marinas, Harbour Authorities, Councils as well as the wider marine industry.

Environment Agency Waste Carrier Registration

Lower Tier

Upper Tier

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