Scrap a Jet Ski

Questions & Answers about Recycling a Jet Ski

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What is a Jet Ski / Personal Watercraft?

A Jet Ski is “a small jet-propelled vehicle which skims across the surface of water and is ridden in a similar way to a motorcycle”.

Scrap a Jet Ski - An Example of a Jet Ski
Scrap a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Example

Transport, Trailer Yes/No?

Deliver to us for a cheaper price. Most Jet Skis or PWC will come with a trailer. If it’s road worthy let us know and we will simply clip on and go. It will also mean a cheaper collection. However, if you think the trailer is unsafe please let us know so we can bring another trailer to load on to.

Hull Materials

Jet Skis are usually in our experience made from Fibreglass (GRP).


We need to know exactly where the yacht is located as it has a bearing on how we collect. We collect boats from in fields, gardens, marinas, boatyards, driveways, canals, rivers, beaches, harbours and inside buildings. Wherever your boat is, once we know the details, we can make a plan to collect.

Access is the biggest issue with small boats. They are often in back gardens or in places that are difficult to get a trailer close. We aim to establish potential difficulties before we set off so that we avoid wasted journeys.

Working Engines

If there is a valuable working engine in the boat we can often discount the price of disposal. Sometimes if the engines are really good we can offer to take a boat on for free. As we know that we can sell the engine to cover the cost of the scrap.

However, if the engine is a non-runner we need to add to the cost as there are extra costs to properly dispose of the engine.

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