Pre-Stripped Boat Disposal

Not every boat that the Boatbreakers team collect will have any recoverable items. This is because a lot of the time the owners will strip out any of the valuable items. We totally understand this approach as it can help them pay off the disposal. Of course our team like to have recycled parts to sell on ourselves. However if we can collect a blank shell of a boat it saves us time in the disposal process.

Sometimes valuable items can be used to offset the scrap completely. For example if the boat has a new engine that we know can be sold to cover the costs. It’s usually fairly rare that a nice new engine would be left on an older boat. The boat disposal team are used to ending up with seized or incomplete engines.

Sunseeker Monterrey 27

In this recent case the boat we were asked to collect was a Sunseeker Monterrey 27. The boat was at Saxon Wharf in Southampton. We first visited the boat back in the winter as the owner asked us to work out a price for disposal. The Sunseeker has two engines, one was apparently a non runner. Before we arranged for the boat to be collected the owner decided he wanted to strip off the engines and legs to sell himself.

Her owner also removed other items like the electronics, interior fittings and windows. Hopefully the owner manages to sell these items on to other boat owners to recoup some of the scrap bill. But also so that the items are re-used and recycled rather than being thrown away.

Repair Bills and Storage Costs

In her day the Sunseeker would have been a beautiful boat. A similar style boat in the modern day market would set you back hundreds of thousands. But now with the potentially high repair bills added to the storage costs her owner wanted to get the boat sorted.

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If you have a boat that is full of valuable items but has lost her overall appeal. Why not strip the boat down and then get us to scrap the shell. It will get rid of your boating worries and help you avoid any future storage costs. Just use our Scrap Calculator and one of the team will be happy to help you get a plan together.

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