Scrap a Narrowboat

Scrap a Narrowboat with Boatbreakers! Narrow Boats are the trickiest of all the types of boat to scrap. Mainly due to the size and their location on the inland waterways. If can often take a lot of effort to get the narrow boat to somewhere suitable to lift it out of the water. There is also the added expense of crane hire and transport costs for such a large vessel. Depending on location and the land owner’s permission we can break a Narrow Boat where it is. We provide a quote for scrapping a narrow boat on application as we need to assess a number of different factors which all affect the price. However, we could dispose of your Narrowboat for FREE! If you just need to remove the burden of owning a narrowboat that may need costly repairs or maintenance let us know. Boatbreakers are always open to taking on a project narrowboat. So send us lots of pictures and as much information about the boat as you can and we’ll hopefully be able to dispose of her for FREE.

Scrap a Narrowboat

Spread the cost of your scrap job with our 10 month finance option.