There’s nothing like a long haul road trip to welcome a team member back from a holiday. With Luke still enjoying the jet lag that follows a 12 and a half hour flight we set off at 5am and headed north for Scarborough to collect a Scrap Boat.

The boat in question was a 20ft motorboat that had recently sunk on her mooring and was then written off by the insurance company. Judging from the condition of the boat it wasn’t just the sinking that caused her current state and I’m sure the owner couldn’t believe his luck.

Our plan was simple for the day, leave at the crack of dawn to avoid the traffic around the Solent area and get north as fast as possible with a quick breakfast stop at Warwick. We got to Scarborough at 11 and positioned the flatbed trailer next to the stricken boat. The local harbour guys then used their little crane to lift the boat up and around onto our trailer. Quite a crowd had gathered on the day which is always slightly daunting just in case something goes wrong.

Luckily this wasn’t our first rodeo and the boat was dropped on perfectly and quickly strapped down. Our crowd then dispersed and we quickly made our way to the closest Fish and Chip shop for the northern delicacy of Chips n’ Gravy.

On the way home it took around 7 hours to get back as whilst towing no real speed could be achieved and it didn’t stop raining either. All in all it was a very successful day but extremely tiring!