15,000 Boat Scrapyard Members

Our Boat Scrapyard Group has reached another milestone. This time we have surpassed 15,000 members. Thank you to all of those who have joined so far.

It still amazes us that the group has gone from 0-15,000 in 9 months. We love to interact with so many boat lovers. The original idea of the group was for us to be able to offer recycled parts from the boats we have coming in. This is still the main aim of the group but it has really evolved as it’s grown.

Boats Saved

We have managed to save boats that were probably too nice to scrap. The group member have also bagged themselves some bargain boats that we have had for sale. One aspect of the group that we are really pleased with is people using it as a forum to ask questions or solve problems.

As we go into 2021 and the scrap season heats up again we are excited to have the group behind us. The Boatbreakers team hope that we can help even more boat owners track down cheap/recycled boat bits. 2020 has been a strange year but the lockdown was the perfect time to grow the group.

Join the Scrap Yard

If you haven’t joined the group already everyone is welcome. The group is set so if one of your Facebook friends is in the group you will get automatic approval. There are some rules to follow in the group so when you join please read them first.

Every time we reach another 1000 members we will run giveaways for our members. The giveaways we ran through lockdown proved to be extremely popular. Members would even message us asking about when the next giveaways were being launched.

The team are really looking forward to seeing how the group can be utilised in a (hopefully) Covid free 2021.

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