50k Boat Scrapyard Members

Our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group has hit another big milestone. This time it’s the 50k mark! We never dreamed that it would grow so well and be so popular. But since we started the group in 2020 it has gone from strength to strength.

We originally set up the group just to talk about the boats and bits we had coming in. But as the group grew and so did the length of the covid lockdowns we realised the Scrapyard was becoming a real forum. Boat owners were asking each other for advice. They were also selling bits and even boats to each other.

The team decided that this was the best way for the group to grow and it became a hub of knowledge that we can use ourselves. There has been plenty of occasions when we haven’t been sure how much a boat would weigh or even what a boat is. There is always a member out there who will help us out.

Real Content

Our team have always tried to make sure that the group isn’t full of spam pictures, memes and business adverts. We want to make sure the content is as real as possible. The occasional boat related joke picture is posted but we want to make sure people get some value from the group.

It seems like yesterday we were just aiming for 1,000 or even 10,000 members. So to reach such a big total like 50k is fantastic. We look forward to having so many people to talk to as more boats come through our doors. The team are always dealing with old boats, project boats and the occasional nice boat too. If you’re looking to get into or out of boating we are a great place to start.

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There is a real appetite to buy boats through the Facebook group. So if you’re looking to sell your boat get in contact and we can discuss getting it listed in the group. If you’re not in the group what are you waiting for, join here and help us get to 60k members.

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