How to Scrap Your Boat in 2021

Boatbreakers have been busy scrapping old boats for years. However we still get some boat owners saying they haven’t heard of us! Have they been living under a rock…

With recycling a hot topic across the world many people are finally taking an interest in how boats are recycled. Or to be more precise in the UK why so many boats aren’t that then end up abandoned.

Some people may end up being reluctant boat owners. This can happen if they are left a boat by a family member or they could buy a house with a boat on the land.

How to Scrap Your Boat in 2020 - Take Pictures of your boat

Photograph Your Scrap Boat

We thought we’d provide a simple “How to” guide on how to get Boatbreakers to scrap your boat. The first piece of advice would be to take some photos of the boat in question.

Lots of times people don’t know what type of boat they have to deal with. But our team can usually identify them from a picture. All we really need to gauge is the size and hull shape or keel type. This is because it all effects how we choose to transport the boat back to us.

Scrap Calculator

Once you have some pictures visit our main site and fill in the Scrap Calculator. The calculator form gives us the basic details we need to work out an idea on price. As we’ve said if you can send pictures too that makes things even easier.

When the scrap my boat form is submitted it will give you a calculated idea of price. This is only an estimate so could go up or down. Although this figure is often about right. It will usually only go up if you’ve made a mistake in the form or underestimated the boat’s weight.

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Keep the costs down

The Boatbreakers team understand scrapping an old unwanted can be a costly process so we will do our best to keep the costs down.

When the team receive the information we will check everything before confirming a price. If you are happy with that price we wait for you to give us the go ahead and get the collection booked in.

Sometimes a boat may be in a position that is impossible to have collected. Maybe it was left under some trees which have now grown all around her. On the rare occasion the boat can’t be moved we can send a team of people to scrap your boat on site.

Free Scrap Boat Options

Not every boat we scrap costs the owner. If the boat has lots of recoverable items like a new engine or expensive electronics, a good trailer or some self-tailing winches we could remove the boat for FREE. Similarly if we think the boat is too nice to scrap we can discount the price down to just cover a collection fee and we will take a chance on selling her on. This way you get rid of the boat problem fast and have no more boat related worries.

If you’re not confident of sending details into us by using the website you can always call us to discuss. A member of the team will be happy to take down the details and work out a price to scrap your boat.