Vindo 32 Insurance Write Off

It’s always a shame to see nice boats coming in to the yard for disposal. The latest boat to come into the scrapyard was a Vindo 32. The Vindo yacht had been written off by the insurance company as the costs of repair outweighed the value of the boat.

She had been involved in a collision at sea. The crash had damaged her decks on the starboard side and caused her to lose her mast.

Having no mast did actually make the collection slightly easier as we didn’t have to worry about getting the mast lowered. Bills like getting the mast down are often forgotten costs of the scrap process. Basically you can’t drive down the road with the mast still up.

Simple Boat Collection

Our Boatbreakers team only had to make a couple of calls to arrange the collection. One to the marina to make sure they could lift the boat. And the second was to the boat transport company to make sure they could collect.

The first time we actually saw the boat in the flesh was when it pulled into the scrapyard. We were all pleasantly surprised by the boat’s condition. In terms of the damage it was clear that it would be a costly repair. However the rest of the boat, specifically the internal and external wood was in great condition. Her teak decks seemed well maintained.

Devastated to see her go

Judging by the details we were sent across by the insurance company the boat had only been purchased earlier this year. Her previous owners had clearly loved the boat and we are sure they would have been devastated to see her go.

Similarly we were disappointed to see such a nice boat go straight for the chop. Our team recorded a quick walk-around video of the boat to give our Boat Scrapyard Group Member a chance to save any parts of her.

As a result of the video we uploaded we did have some interest in saving the boat but nothing has been confirmed yet. We hope that someone will want most of her wood. It would really be a shame to see it go to be chipped up.

If you need any parts from the Vindo 32 Yacht please get in contact with us as soon as you can. At the time of writing November 20th 2020 the boat was still in one piece.

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