Boat Scrapyard Reaches 25,000 Members

Our Boat Scrapyard Group on Facebook has gone past 25,000 members. When the group was created back in March 2020 we had no clue that it would grow so well. We thought people might be interested in what we get up to but we have been pleased by the community that has grown in the group. Especially as much of that time has been spent during a lockdown.

The first aim of the group was to showcase the boats we were tasked with. This would mean that as a boat came in we would have a list of parts to remove for our group members. However in March 2020 when the first lockdown was announced, overnight most of the jobs we had lined up were cancelled. This has been a regular theme ever since as lockdowns and Covid won’t go away.

Boaty Competitions, Prize Giveaways, Quizzes, Polls & Discussions

This meant that we had no boats coming in and therefore the group couldn’t fulfil its purpose. To keep the group growing we arranged competitions and giveaways. There were also quizzes, polls and discussions. All of which helped the group to grow even with limited boats being showcased.

As the lockdown restrictions eased and boats started to come in. We were surprised by how well boats and boat bits sold to our members. We always try to help our members get cheap recycled boat bits or a cheap project boat.

New targets for 2022

As we head towards another potential lockdown in the 2022 New year we hope to deal with more boats in the group. January to April is usually our busiest period for scrapping boats so we hope Covid doesn’t get in the way for a third year running.

Another pleasing fact about the milestone of reaching 25,000 members is that we have chased down and caught some bigger groups. When the group was first set up there were lots of much bigger groups that we have now outgrown. Our boat breaking team hope this is a sign that our group is doing some good. We always enjoy seeing members asking for help and others chipping in with help and advice.

Next Aim 30,000 Members

The next main aim is to reach 30,000 members. Not for any other reason that it’s just another nice number to target. Hopefully as more boats start to come back in more members will flood into the group and realise it’s a great place to source boats and boat bits.


If you are already a member please invite your boaty friends to join. And if you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? We’ll see you in the Boat Scrapyard.

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