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We Buy Any Boat

Trade your boat quickly to Buy Any Boat (part of the Maritime Expert Group of companies). We buy any boat (just not every boat) and are happy to make you a trade offer on your boat. Just complete our simple form and we’ll get in contact with you.

We Buy Any Boat - Step 1 - Complete The Form
1. Complete The Form

Fill in as much information as you can about your boat, attach some pictures then press the submit button and we will be in contact as soon as we can.

We Buy Any Boat - Step 2 - View The Boat
2. View Boat

If we are interested in buying your boat we will make you an initial trade offer and hopefully arrange to view the boat. After we’ve viewed the boat we will make you a final offer and do the deal.

We Buy Any Boat - Step 3 - Complete The Sale
3. Complete Sale

If you want to accept our offer we can transfer the money the very same day. It’s as simple as that!

Fill in the form now!

Why Sell Your Boat to Buy Any Boat?

A typical scenario when you are trying to sell your boat:
  • You spend 2 to 5 weekends cleaning and repairing the boat to put it on the market. Hopefully the yacht or motorboat does not have any osmosis or significant engine problems otherwise this will stop the sale dead in the water.
  • Contact and engage a yacht broker so that they can list and sell your vessel in a few months. Even the best yacht brokers marketing process takes over month and usually a few months.
  • Take calls from the broker throughout the sales process and also keep up the maintenance and cleaning of the boat while in their care.
  • Upon a successful sale pay the broker around 8% in commission plus clearing the marina fees and any other bills that have accumulated over this time.
  • Fill out all of the pointless, repetitive paperwork that leaves you more confused than when you started.
  • Cross your fingers that the buyer’s loan application goes through.
  • Last minute repairs that MUST be done as discovered by the marine surveyor or the sale will not complete.

So why sell to us?

We complete the sale as soon as is convenient for you and if that means you need to close and get cash in 24 hours, WE CAN DO THAT!

Below are a few REASONS why people love selling their boats to us:

  • No Broker Commissions
  • AS-IS SALE – No questions asked, we’ll buy the boat as she is.
  • NO REPAIRS – no need to do any repairs we will buy your boat in its current condition. You do not even need to remove unwanted items from the boat.
  • Eliminate your monthly mortgage or boat loan payment, insurance, marina fees, maintenance and servicing charges
  • Quick Cash
  • We make all the calls and arrange the viewings.
  • Reduce all of the selling paperwork- We will handle all of the title paperwork
  • CALL NOW or fill out the form for a free, no obligation, cash offer on your boat. This is the easiest, fastest and most hassle-free way possible to sell your unwanted yacht, motorboat or watercraft.

Do you really want all this hassle?

We Buy Any Boat
Mooring fees, constant maintenance, leaks, damage & rising insurance charges spoiling your boat owning experience?  Is it time to dispose of her?

Our “we buy any boat” solution is ideal for owners who may be experiencing a divorce, a death in the family, an impending tax issue, bankruptcy or cash crisis.

Did you know it typically takes 3-6 months to sell a boat, yacht, narrowboat or ship?

Only the true “almost perfect” yacht, motorboat or narrow boat, those with low engine hours, excellent hull & interior, & fully fitted out with the latest electronics & goodies are holding their value. Most “average” yachts or motorboats are declining in value, & there are plenty of them on the market for bargain hunters.  On top of that you’ll have to make your monthly loan re-payment, the mooring fees, & keep your insurance current. Plus, you’ll typically incur between 6-10% in yacht or motorboat sales expenses by the time you get your money.

We Buy Any Boat - We Buy Narrowboats
We buy any boat, from Narrowboats to Speed Boats
We Buy Any Boat - We Buy Motorboats
We buy any boat, from Motor Boats to Fishing Boats
Even if your vessel is being sold by a broker, you’ll have plenty of issues to deal with.

You’ll have to meet prospective buyers at your boat & take them on sea trials, possibly relocate the yacht, motorboat or ship to be lifted out for a pre-purchase survey, make minor repairs, keep her beautifully clean, & maintain her insurance & pay mooring fees.

So why spend your time and money on a boat you don’t really want anymore?

If you need cash now, don’t have the time to wait for your yacht or motorboat to sell or don’t have the time or desire to be involved in the finer details of the selling process, we have six sales & disposal solutions including our ‘we buy any boat’ (trade purchase option) available to you.

Buy Any Boat will discreetly buy your boat, yacht or motorboat within 2-4 days.

We don’t have to see it to buy it: No matter where you’re located, we’ll arrange for an appraisal to be performed by one of our certified surveyors in your area, and do a pre-purchase inspection. We will buy it based on their recommendations & report, & transfer the money into your account quickly. You will get instant cash for your boat & we can mostly agree a deal the same day.  If you have a boat that has not sold, maybe its been abandoned or neglected or your broker has lost interest or maybe you need a quick sale, call us.

We buy boats, yachts, motorboats and narrowboats that are factory built (sorry, no home-made boats) That were built since 1965. They must be able to float and ideally able to move under their own power or by sail. We will pay all the costs related to the purchase of your yacht or motorboat.

You’ll avoid all broker fees and any other sales expenses.

We Buy Any Boat - We Buy Yachts
We buy any boat, from Yachts to Catamarans

Sell Your Boat to Buy Any Boat

We Buy Any Boat
How Much is your Boat Worth?

Your boat is unique, and so is our valuation. At Buy Any Boat, we start by using your pictures to get an idea of the boat’s condition. Next, we use the information you provided us from the online form (providing as much information as possible helps speed up our valuation process, e.g. the exact make and model of the boat,  the year constructed, engine manufacturer, if it is a petrol or a diesel, you get the idea) to get an idea of the condition of your boat. All of these factors have an impact on how much money your boat is worth.

We combine that information with other factors such as: where the boat is located, whether it’s in the water or not, mooring fees, how much work is needed, material of hull and service history.

We Buy Any Boat - What is your boat worth?
Sell To We Buy Any Boat
Checking your boat

A member of Buy Any Boat’s staff will come and inspect the boat to make sure everything is in working order. If there are any discrepancies between your boat and the details you gave us, or, if during the inspection, we discover something about the boat that we were not previously made aware of, we will have to make an amendment to your quote. Using all of this information we look at the prices that boats just like yours are selling for and give you a fair price that we’re willing to pay.

We Buy Any Boat - Boat Check List
Doing the deal

If you want to accept our offer and both parties are happy to do the deal we can transfer the money the same day. This whole process can happen over a few days, without the hassle or cost of having to involve a ship broker.

We Buy Any Boat - Doing the deal

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