Partnership Opportunities

Boatbreakers are looking to expand. We are at the forefront of ‘end of life’ boat disposal and are leading online with our web presence and active social media following. We want to be able to handle more business and can only do it with your help.

With our top-ranking websites, popular social media presence and a European wide reach we get calls every day from insurers and owners who have a vessel in need of disposal.

Currently we are recovering boats from the tip of Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, East coast, the Midlands and down South.  The cost of transportation is high and unnecessary if only we had other yards able to take these vessels instead of us. We see an opportunity for you to get involved.

Could you handle this type of work?  Would you benefit from stripping these boats for parts and then dismantling the rest?  Would it fill gaps in your business when times are lean?

If you have a facility with capacity currently being unused, need another income source to enhance your current offerings and are looking for a partner who can pass you business, then call us. Maybe you’ve already scrapped some boats and you’d like to do more.

Our Proposed Boatbreaking Network

How Does It Work?

Owners, insurers, marina operators and sailing clubs contact us daily to get prices and availability of our teams to organise the removal and recycling of a yacht, motorboat or PWC.

We research the location and feasibility of the enquiry and respond with a quotation and timescale to the client.

If acceptable we get the go-ahead and make all the arrangements.

We collect the vessel (occasionally it must be dismantled onsite because of logistical issues) and bring to our Portsmouth recycling yard. We then remove all the items we can either recycle or re-sell, and the carcass eventually gets crushed and sent away for final processing and disposal.

Most of the costs are in transportation of the vessel to us.  We can’t avoid these charges as we can’t get lorries and diesel for free, but we can reduce them if we were to have a processing yard nearer the target vessel.  This way the client gets a lower price for the same job due to cheaper transportation charges, and you get the business of recycling the vessel.

You will enjoy the profit from recovering the boats valuables and once stripped will continue earning from the crushing and disposal of the remaining hull.

Interested? Then fill in this form and let’s have a chat.

The Benefits of Partnering with Boatbreakers

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