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Boat Breakers are always looking to develop new areas of coverage and are looking for a marine professionals and suitable companies in key locations across the UK and Europe who can help us develop the service and provide end of life solutions for boat owners everywhere.  If you are interested and think you can help in becoming a part of the Boatbreakers solution please get in touch.

Branch Office

Key Features

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Mobile Boat Breaker

Key Features

  • Branded work wear and business cards
  • Access to End of Life boats local to you
  • First refusal on all parts from the boat for you to resell
  • Membership to our mailing list
  • Minimal fees and charges
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Branch Office

Boatbreakers are always looking to expand and cover every corner of the UK, Ireland and Europe. With our Branch Office partnership, we hope to be able to make boat disposal in these areas cheaper for boat owners to get their vessels recycled.

Many of the boats we dismantle and scrap currently must be transported back to us in Portsmouth. With Boatbreakers centres based further afield means the client won’t have to pay large transport fees as the vessel will not be coming back to Portsmouth. Ultimately this will mean costs will be saved in transport and disposal fees resulting in more affordable end of life solutions for boat owners everywhere.

Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland are the three most expensive places for us to retrieve boats back from in the British Isles and we want to open offices in these locations so we can reduce the carbon footprint of yacht transportation and ultimately the owner will save money.

Our Boatbreakers team will set you up with your own branded website complete with our Boat Disposal Scrap Calculator. You will then be able to represent Boatbreakers in the region and harvest enquiries using our system.  Throughout the early stages we will train you in all the areas of vessel disposal, best practices, risk assessment and recycling management.

But what will it cost your organisation? There is a one-off set up fee for our team to create your branded website along with a small monthly fee for site maintenance including SEO, marketing and social media coverage and a small admin fee for each enquiry that is generated from your region. Ultimately you as the representative will keep the profits from each boat. You will also keep all the boat parts that can be removed and re-sold on. It will then be down to you to market and sell them.

We will provide support and guidance on the best processes to follow when looking to dispose of an old boat. We also regularly visit your site, provide any help and guidance,  fresh marketing materials and anything else we can to fully support all your efforts and enhance your business.

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Boatbreakers Branch Office

Mobile Boat Breaker

Our Boatbreakers “Mobile Boat Breaker” option is a less complex and easier to manage option for being part of our team.

In simple terms you manage a territory, we provide a list of vessels we are scrapping in your area, you visit and decide what ones you want to work with and we give you access to these so you can remove all the valuable items from her prior to us recovering the boat for recycling.

For example, Boatbreakers will have a boat confirmed to come to us. We will then contact you with the boat details, location and pictures. You then pay us a small fee and this will mean you can strip the boat of all the parts. It will then be down to you how you market, sell and store them. On most boats you could make more than £1,000 if there are engines, winches, deck fittings etc on board.

Once the vessel is stripped you won’t be left with a hull to dispose of.  As soon as you have completed your work, call us and we will have the boat collected and recovered to our Boatbreakers Yard in Portsmouth for demolition and recycling.

The benefit of this option for us at Boatbreakers in Portsmouth is that boats will arrive to us ready to be recycled. Prices may vary depending on the amount of items on board a boat. This will be made clear by our team and each boat that is offered to you will be given a purchase price.

If you are interested and you want to take advantage of this offer we will need to know what kind of area you are willing to cover. Boats in your area will then be offered to you and you can decide whether you’d like to have first refusal on the parts. Ideally we are looking for mobile boat breakers in areas that are some distance from us for example North East/West, Scotland and Ireland.

Boatbreakers Partnership Opportunities - Boatbreakers Van
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