Boat Scrapyard Joins Instagram

Boat Scrapyard has finally joined Instagram. Previously it had been featured on our feed but we thought it’s time it had a dedicated page.

As Boatbreakers expand our Marine Recycling network we are doing our best to get Boat Scrapyard filled with items. All the items we feature are salvaged from recycled boats that we have scrapped through Boatbreakers. The boat bits you see on Boat Scrapyard literally come from our Boat breaking yard in Portsmouth.

We also have surplus stock from chandleries for sale from our scrapyard warehouse in Gosport. The Warehouse building is next to the new Boatbreakers office, which is next to Gosport Asda. There will soon be a big sign up so you can find us easier.

Boatscrapyard is on Instagram

Grow Our Recycling Network

For now please follow the new Instagram account (@boatscrapyard) to see all the cool boat salvage items we have. The Boat Scrapyard site is a vital part of how we want to recycle old boats. Boatbreakers role is to find and scrap the boats and Boat Scrapyard’s is the place we sell the parts. This helps us to grow our network but also to offer boat owner cheap boat items.

Boatbreakers and Boat Scrapyard are on a mission to make a difference against abandoned boats. We want to make sure all boats are recycled properly and that ever item that can still be used is! As well as selling used boat bits we also will make cash offers for boat bits people are looking to sell.

If you have a boat that you think is nearing end of life, please get in contact and we will be happy to help. To get a FREE no obligation quote to scrap just fill in our Scrap Calculator. In addition you can Call, Text or WhatsApp us your boat details. Alternatively you can Tweet, Instagram or Facebook messenger us for more information.