Boatbreakers Collect Project Boat From Farm

Boatbreakers were in the New Forest to collect and unloved project yacht from a farm. The boat had been stored in barn on a farm close to Lymington. It is common for boats to be stored on farms or industrial sites. Unfortunately many of these boats never seem to make it back to the water or at the very least a boat yard. Probably because the jump in storage costs makes it an easy decision to stay on the farm.

From the first email we could see that this boat was headed for scrap. It was a small, old wooden hull yacht that was on a yard trailer. It seemed to be stripped of any useful items. So as far as we were concerned it was a simple collection and disposal job.

Farmyard Challenges

The initial picture we were sent did make it look like getting the boat out of the barn would be a tight squeeze. However, luckily the farmer said he would have the boat out and waiting for us.

Sometimes we are asked to collect boats from farms and they are left in the fields. This can present different challenges as the fields can be unfit for us to send our vehicles on to.  We have had times when tractors had to be used to pull our lorries out of the mud. Now we are much more cautious about dealing with boats in fields. In the middle of a heatwave when the ground is rock hard is about the only time we would try.

Our team had a nice easy collection with this boat. We arrived with our trailer and the boat was there ready to be pulled up and away. As you can see from the pictures the boat had already had her windows and fitting removed. So the boat was recovered back to the scrapyard to be crushed.

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If you have an old boat sat in storage just use our Scrap Calculator to find out how much it would cost for disposal. Whether the boat is on a farm or an industrial site we can help.

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