Some yachts when it’s time to scrap seem to put up quite a fight. These are usually made from fibreglass and it can take our skilled team of Boat breakers all day to safely chop up the boat.

Our latest boat chop was quite different as we decided to bring out the big guns for this one. The boat was an old wooden 6 Ton Hillyard which brought back from Brighton Marina to our Scrapyard in Portsmouth Harbour. Once it had arrived we used one of our cranes with a crushing tool attached to it.

The crushing tool made light work of the old wooden hull and after a matter of minutes we had turned what was a tired old yacht into a pile of materials that could be sorted through and recycled.

We always like to scrap wooden boats as a lot less materials end up in landfill which is better for the environment.

You can see a video summary of the chop on our Youtube channel (Boatbreakers Video).