Our team have been having fun with the AI technology and the content it can create. We had already asked the app to give us a write up on what it thinks about Boatbreakers. So the next logical question was to ask about our Boat Scrapyard Group. Here’s what the system had to say…

Connecting Boat Owners and Salvage Enthusiasts

The Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group has emerged as an online community that brings together boat owners, salvage enthusiasts, and individuals interested in repurposing and recycling boats. With a shared passion for boating and a commitment to environmental sustainability. This group serves as a hub for buying, selling, and exchanging information about boat salvage and recycling.

The group provides a platform for boat owners who are seeking to dispose of their vessels responsibly. Whether due to age, damage, or other circumstances, boat owners can post details about their boats in need of disposal, including specifications, condition, and location. This allows potential buyers or salvage enthusiasts to connect with boat owners and explore opportunities for repurposing or recycling the boats.

Salvage Enthusiasts

For salvage enthusiasts, the Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group offers a treasure trove of potential projects. Members can browse through the listings, discovering boats that may be suitable for restoration or salvageable parts. This creates a win-win situation where boat owners can find interested buyers, and salvage enthusiasts can find boats that align with their interests and projects.

The group serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in boat recycling and repurposing. Members can exchange knowledge, tips, and advice on sustainable practices for boat dismantling and recycling. Discussions may cover topics such as environmentally friendly disposal methods, salvaging valuable components, and repurposing materials for creative projects. This collective knowledge helps promote responsible and eco-conscious practices within the boat community.

Knowledge and Expertise

Furthermore, the Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group fosters a sense of community among its members. Boat owners, salvage enthusiasts, and others passionate about boats can connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and learn from one another. This community spirit contributes to the growth of knowledge and expertise within the group and promotes a positive environment for members to interact and collaborate.

In addition to facilitating boat transactions and knowledge sharing. The group also serves as a valuable resource for networking and finding specialized services. Members can seek recommendations for boat transport, professional dismantling services, or local salvage yards that accept boats. This helps streamline the process of boat disposal and encourages responsible and efficient practices.

However, Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group operates within the guidelines and policies set by Facebook. Members must adhere to the platform’s terms of use, including posting respectful and relevant content, avoiding spam or fraudulent activities.


In summary, the Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group serves as a thriving community that connects boat owners, salvage enthusiasts, and individuals interested in responsible boat disposal. Members can find opportunities for buying or selling boats, share knowledge on sustainable practices, and foster a sense of camaraderie within the boat community. With a focus on environmental sustainability and responsible boat recycling. This Facebook group plays a crucial role in promoting the repurposing and recycling of boats. Contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to boat ownership and disposal.

Our team were really impressed with how the AI summarised what we try and do. If you’re not already a member of the Boat Scrapyard Group, why not join today? You can also subscribe to our Boatbreakers Youtube Channel to see what we get up to. Finally, if you have an old boat to scrap, just use the Scrap Calculator.