Crafty Panda Feature Boatbreakers

One of our most successful Boatbreakers Youtube videos has been featured by the Bored Panda group. Our video of the Sunken Boat Salvage currently has over 1.2 million views. Now the giant Bored Panda group have (with our permission) shared a shortened version. The channel that has featured the video is the craft arm of the group. To watch the video click here.

Crafty Panda is a popular DIY and craft-oriented YouTube channel. It’s renowned for its imaginative and quirky project ideas. With over 29 million subscribers, Crafty Panda inspires creativity through its easy-to-follow tutorials. People transform ordinary materials into extraordinary crafts. From clever life hacks to adorable handmade gifts, the channel caters to a diverse audience, spanning age groups and skill levels.

Furthermore Crafty Panda has vibrant visuals and a delightful touch to each tutorial, fostering a sense of community among its global viewership. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice looking for inspiration, Crafty Panda is a go-to source for imaginative and fun DIY projects.

Salvaging of a Boat

The Boatbreakers team were initially surprised that the Crafty Panda channel wanted to feature the video. We couldn’t quite see how the salvaging of a boat could fit into their content. But they agreed to give us full credit for the video. Plus our name and channel details are clearly visible throughout. So we hope that as many people as possible watch the video.

Originally we were asked almost a year ago if the video could be featured. By now we had almost forgotten about the conversation and didn’t think it would ever be re-shared. Eventually it was and better late than never. We are happy to see our salvage job back in the limelight.

Boatbreakers Youtube

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