Westerly Yacht Disposal

Westerly Yacht Disposal jobs are like buses. We don’t scrap any for a while and then two come along at once. In the last the week the team have had two Westerly Yachts through the Boat Scrapyard.

The first Westerly in was a Centaur from Hythe Marina. Sadly the boat had suffered damage after her mast came down in heavy weather. Usually in any yacht disposal job the first hurdle is getting the mast down. So in this case that was one less thing to worry about. Due to the costs of getting the Westerly a new mast the owner decided to take the cheaper option and scrap. For a new mast and to have the boat re-rigged the owner was quoted over £5,000.

Compared to Fixing

Yacht disposal can be a costly process due to the transport and waste costs. However compared to bills for fixing boats it’s often nowhere near. Recently we dealt with a boat owner that had been quoted extortionate sums to so simple tasks. One of the jobs quoted was nearly £7,500 just to lift out an engine, paint it, and then put it back in. Disposal fees can add up but we think there’s a bit of value to the price.

The Westerly Centaur owner also decided to go down the yacht disposal route because he had a new boat lined up for his berth. He weighed up the time it would take to clear his mooring by trying to sell. Winter is always a tricky time to sell boats as people are usually gearing up for Christmas or have their boats out of the water. It’s usually the spring when things spark back into life. The scrapping of the Westerly allowed him to have a free berth ready for his new boat.

Escape Mooring Fees

Next we had a Westerly Pageant in for yacht disposal. The Pageant is a slightly smaller Westerly model to the Centaur. This time the boat was from a boat yard in Essex. It had sat there for a number of years and her owner wanted to escape the trappings of storage fees. It is a common story we deal with as people are paying to keep boats they never touch or rarely even see.

Yacht disposal is always a sad end for a little boat like the Westerly Pageant. In her day she would have been a lovely boat. But with a seized engine and signs of neglect throughout it was time to scrap.

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