The Boatbreaker team will be doing our best to keep ticking over during this difficult period. Our business is largely online so our team can work from home. But the collection of boats and selling of boat bits is sure to be affected.

In these uncertain times with the world under lockdown it raises interesting dilemmas for boat owners. With many boat owners being near the age bracket for self isolation it means lots will miss out on using their boats throughout the summer season. Although the boat isn’t the primary concern for people they do represent a big financial headache.

The chances are marinas will still be sending out their bills to people regardless of the lockdown situation. This means that people could be paying thousands to store a boat that they might not be able to use at all through peak season. And with lots of insurance companies insisting on having boats stored out of the water people will be paying thousands for little or no use.

If you have been considering getting rid of your boat now could be the perfect time. This isn’t Boatbreakers trying to tout for business simply an observation of people having to pay for a boat they won’t use.

As long as boat yards are still happy to lift boat on for us we will collect and dispose of them. Most of our business is all online or over the phone so if you have any concerns or would like more information please get in contact.

In the meantime stay safe, wash your hands and if you have a boat that could become a costly liability get in contact.