Today the Boatbreakers yard was a hive of activity as grown men couldn’t hide their excitement at the arrival of Lightning McQueen. In fact, it was the arrival of three life-size Lightning McQueen’s that had our guys at the yard hurridly texting their kids and grandkids with pictures of the Disney Pixar character.

Sadly the cars do have to be crushed as they were used around the country as props to promote the recent release of the Cars 3 movie. In the meantime, we will make sure we take plenty of photos and have some videos filmed when the sad day comes for the big crunch.

The models are made from fibreglass with a metal and wood framework inside so they won’t take long to scrap. Our team are also hoping that we are eventually sent more promotional movie themed props especially with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie coming soon. Stay tuned we could have an X Wing in for the chop!