Boat breakers Scotland

Our Boatbreakers will be journeying north of the wall. The Boat breakers Scotland team will soon be heading North to scrap an old yacht. We got the call from a family in Elgin who had a boat behind their house. The boat is an old wooden project yacht that has never seen the sea. Even her keel hasn’t ever been fitted.

Even though the boat has never seen the water and is apparently rotten it will still be a difficult job. First of all the boat is down a narrow road behind a row of houses. We had already tried to send a lorry to collect the boat using a Hiab lift but frustratingly an overhanging roof got in the way. The entrance to the lane was wide enough for the truck but the roof would have been damaged if the boat was loaded onto the truck.

Boat Breakers Scotland Going to Plan B

One of our main aims when organising boat collections is to make sure that we don’t cause any damage to the surrounding area. Damaging a neighbouring roof was never an option so we had to go with the plan B of cutting on site.

The Boatbreakers team had wanted to avoid cutting the boat on site due to the lengthy journey time to Elgin. Without stopping or any traffic the drive up to Scotland is likely to take 12 hours.

Breaking Down the Rotten Hull

We will be sending a Boat Breakers Scotland team of three to Elgin. The plan is also to take up a small mini digger to assist with breaking down the rotten hull. These sections of rotten wood will then be loaded into a large skip which we hope will be alongside the boat.

There are always challenges with old wooden boats and until we get there we won’t know all of them. But our team have cut plenty of wooden boats in the past to know the kind of issues we might face. The keels are always one issue but this boat doesn’t have one. Luckily the digger should be able to help us with lifting the keel.

Looking forward the only issues we see is a lack of access to the lane where the boat is. We hope that the skip will be next to the boat. Otherwise the moving of the cut sections will making the disposal a longer process.

Filming the Breaking

We will be filming as much of the job as possible and posting the footage to our Youtube Channel. So, if you are interested in seeing how the Boatbreakers team get on in Scotland keep your eyes peeled. If you have a yacht that needs to be disposed of just fill in our Scrap Calculator Form.