Insurance Write Off Jet Skis

Boatbreakers are always busy collecting and disposing of end of life vessels. One of our most common collections are damaged jet skis. We regularly get asked by insurance companies to collect and dispose jet skis that have crashed.

It often crosses our minds that the jet skis we see coming in aren’t damaged for the official reasons we’re told. There have been skis in the past that have clearly been hit with a sledgehammer. It can be difficult for the insurance companies to spot these cases. However if foul play can be proven the owners can face hefty penalties. As a result in most cases they will be blacklisted from getting other insurance. So car, home or travel insurance premiums would rocket.

Where Did The Damage Occur?

These two jet skis we’ve had in this week both have impact damage to the front sections. This would suggest that the owners too would be in a bad way. Their owners must have dived out of the way before the ski hit an object at some pace. If they didn’t they would be lucky to be alive. A cynic might look at the claims and think maybe the damage was sustained on land in a planned attempt.

We are always interested in getting the jet skis in as the parts they still have can hold real value. Importantly even on some of the worst jet skis or personal watercraft we see there is usually something to salvage.

Devon and Hampshire Collections

The red Seadoo jet ski was collected from an address down in Exeter. However the white Yamaha ski was a more local collection from Havant. We collected the Hampshire ski first as it was sat on a decent road trailer. After that, we unloaded the ski in our yard and used the empty trailer to go and collect the ski in Exeter.

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If you have a Jet Ski that has been damaged in an accident just use our Scrap Calculator. Most of the time it will only cost you the price of collection for us to remove you ski. On the other hand we might even be able to buy it from you if we see some value in her. Finally make sure your PWC’s are insured.

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