Costly Boat Storage Fees

In recent weeks we have had a number of emails from boat owners who are looking to avoid the on going costs of boat ownership. With the cost of living crisis only set to get worse, people with costly storage fees are trying to save their money.

One of the boats we have been asked to deal with is a Jaguar 21 Yacht. The owner was due to be paying close to £4,000 to keep the boat in a local marina. He had tried to sell the boat but with no luck he made the decision to scrap her. Our first reaction when we saw the boat was that it was still a nice boat. It’s always a shame to be asked to scrap boats that would have some life in them. Unfortunately if people don’t buy these old boats their owners will look to scrap.

Boat Recycling

Our boat breaking team will make sure that everything that can be recycled from the boat will be. There are some really nice self tailing winches on her deck. There is also a brand new set of Kevlar sails and some decent clutches. If we have to scrap nice boats we always want to make sure as much is saved as possible.

The Boat Scrapyard Group on Facebook will be the best place to see what boat bits we take from her. We’re sure the best bits won’t be around for long.

Repair to Sell?

We also had a message about a boat on the Hamble. The owner has said he’s no longer fit enough to use her and wants to explore the option of us taking the boat. To get the boat back on the water he has been quoted around £25,000. He is obviously looking to avoid this as it doesn’t make any real sense for him. He would have to pay this and hope he could sell her for more to get his money back. That’s if he could sell her. On top of this the marina he is in would charge around £11,000 a year to store the boat once she’s in the water.

Hopefully we can help him find a solution that doesn’t involve scrapping her. We should be able to help re-home the boat through the Boat Scrapyard Group.

When and if we deal with both boats we will make some videos about each for the Youtube Channel.

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Finally, If you have costly mooring fee renewals around the corner you can escape them but choosing to scrap. Just fill in our Scrap Calculator and we will work out the best price possible to dispose of your boat.

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