Project Fishing Boat

This week the boat disposal team were in West Sussex to collect a small project fishing boat. The boat had spent a number of years in the owner’s garage. Originally he had bought the boat to use in Bracklesham bay to go out fishing. But due to personal circumstances and Covid the boat ended up in storage.

The marine ply floor and transom had gone soft over the years. Usually a boat stored inside would be bone dry, but it seems this one probably had some water left in her. Our boat disposal team were asked to come and quote to clear the garage. As the boat had a Fibreglass hull it was still a potential project despite the soft patches. Project fishing boats are always worth saving as people seem to want to buy them.

Clinker Design

Usually we would be quick to condemn an old boat that we thought was end of life. However as this boat was a clinker design we knew that they can be sought after little boats. They are popular because of their traditional design.

For collection the plan was simple. Her owner had the project fishing boat pulled out of the garage and around to the front of his house. Our team arrived outside with a flatbed trailer, unloaded the ramps and then pushed the boat up. As collections go this one was fairly straightforward. We then made the short trip back to Gosport and unloaded the boat in our Boatbreakers compound.

Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group

The team then listed the project fishing boat for sale on our Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group. With over 40,000 members we hope that there will be someone out there who would like a new project. As the floor was soft we decided to save the next owner the effort and rip it out ourselves. This should save the next owner some time and effort to replace the floor.

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