Soling Solorana Racing Yacht Disposal

Another day and another yacht through the Boat Scrapyard. However this tired looking yellow fin keeled yacht on a trailer had an interesting life. She ended up in a garden in North Yorkshire but the boat once would have been a sought after racing yacht. The boat was a Soling Solorana racing yacht on an old road trailer.

Her former owner did send us a pack filled with extensive notes about the boat. It’s always interesting for our team to see the history of the boats we are collecting.

“Built by Tyler Boats of Tonbridge, 1969. Sail No, K1 or GBR 1. The boat should have been K11 or GBR11 but the original owner had been the first UK purchaser of a Soling, which of course K1. The owner retained the sail number when he purchased his new boat, and the original K1 became K11.”

Wikipedia Search for Soling

A Wikipedia search for the Soling boats reveals the boat’s pedigree.

“The Soling is an open keelboat that holds the World Sailing “International class” status. The class was used from the 1972 Olympics (Kiel) until the 2000 Olympics (Sydney) as “Open Three Person Keelboat”. Besides the Olympic career of the Soling the boat is used for International and local regattas as well as for recreational sailing.”

Our plan for the collection was straightforward. We sent our Hiab driver up to North Yorkshire and he was able to pluck the boat from the owner’s garden. The only concern we had was access. Sometimes with jobs like this the driveways or gateposts can be too narrow for our trucks.

Potentially Awkward Collection

It’s usually an anxious wait in the office when we have a potentially awkward collection. However this one went without a hitch. We do owe that to the owner who sent us a very detailed pack of information. It even included a hand drawn map of the garden with the different measurements included.

The Boatbreakers team always enjoy removing boats from gardens. It often represents a bit of a puzzle to solve and we know the owners will enjoy having the space back.

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