Abandoned Boat Disposal

The boat disposal team were in Parkstone Yacht club in Poole to collect an abandoned boat. The yacht had been sat untouched in the yard for a number of years. As you can see from the pictures she wasn’t in great condition. The boat yard team decided to take ownership of the yacht so that they could clear the space.

Our boat disposal collection team did have a slight issue with our first attempt at collecting the boat. When the pictures were first sent over it was a lovely sunny day. However due to the shade created under the yacht we couldn’t see the small keel poking out. We thought that the abandoned yacht would sit nicely on our roller trailer.

Second Time Lucky

On the actual collection day we immediately noticed the keel and knew it would be an issue. Luckily there was another smaller boat that we had been asked to remove too, so it wasn’t a total wasted journey. The dinghy was loaded by the team and we got on the phone to our Hiab driver. We fixed a date for the larger yacht to be collected for disposal and the marina were happy with the plan.

It’s very rare that we have this kind of situation where we can’t collect a boat as planned. It was caused due to some unfortunate shading on the pictures. Although we’re sure that once the yacht club rent out the storage space for the next season they will make the scrap costs back.

This is always the situation boat yards need to consider with abandoned boats. All the time the owner is paying they are happy to let them fade away in the corner. But when the owner stops for any reason they are soon left to pick up the bill to dispose of the unwanted boat. Usually the boats are so far gone that there is very little chance of selling the boat on.

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