Boatbreakers may soon have a perfect project boat available for any lovers of the Moody 336 model. We were recently contacted by a family who now need to shift a Moody 336 which is in project condition.

This boat was the labour of love for one gentleman who has sadly now passed away. You could have the chance to pick up where he left off. Some older boats we describe as a “project” are in need of lots of costly work and repairs. However this boat has the feel of a new-build as all the parts are there but she just needs completing. The Perkins engine may need some work to get her going but it’s never actually been used so it’s perfectly preserved in the boat.

The boat is in fantastic condition and she hasn’t even been in the water yet. The mast has also been cared for and sits in its own cradle in the owner’s garden as you can see from the pictures.

If you’re interested in the whole boat or maybe just some of the parts we are the people to talk to as we are the one stop shop for all project boats for sale. Contact for more information.