Lonely Boats Launched By Boatbreakers

The Boatbreakers team want to help re-home the nation’s Lonely Boats. In every boat yard you will find plenty of lonely boats. They aren’t always particularly bad boats but have been left by their owners. Those owners then look to scrap the boat when there might be someone out there who could give it a new lease of life. Circumstances for the owner may have changed and the boat is the first thing they forget about. Or maybe they just want rid to cut costs. Many factors can lead to a once loved boat becoming lonely.

Lonely Boats is a page set up to help find matches for these forgotten vessels. We share the adverts on to our “Boat Scrapyard” Facebook Group and find your unloved boat a new forever home. We aim to never put a healthy boat down. As boat breakers we know that it can be a costly process to scrap. So let us help you avoid that by saving every boat that we can.

Lonely Boats - Matching Old Boats to New Owners

Fraction Of The Cost To Scrap

For a fixed upfront fee* we will share your lonely project boat in our group. We will then collect the details of any interest parties and pass it on to you the owner. You can then decide what deal you want to do to save the boat. Even if you give the boat away it would have only cost you a fractions of the cost to scrap. Your contact details won’t be shared for time-wasters to call you, you have complete control in the sales process. We simply expose your lonely boat to our pool of over 51,000 active members. Once we have people’s details who have shown an interest we will send them on to you.

On our new Lonely Boats page you will see some of the boats we are currently advertising.  Plus some of the boats that we have successfully matched. So whether you’re looking for your next project boat or looking to shift one, this Lonely Boats is the page for you. If after advertising we still can’t help you find any interested parties for your boat, we can then arrange the end of life boat disposal process. Some of the boats we might even buy ourselves so please send us the details and let’s find a match for your lonely boat

Share Your Lonely Boat With Us

The easiest way to get started is to send us your boat details through the Scrap Calculator. Or you can fill in the Lonely Boats form direct so we can get the boat straight onto our group. Once our team have seen the details about your boat they can help sort a plan for your Lonely Boat. To join the group that all of our boats are listed in just click here.

*Prices Start at £50.

See some of our Lonely Boats