Practical Boat Owner Magazine

Boatbreakers has once again been featured in Practical Boat Owner Magazine. The feature talks about end of life abandoned boats in the September edition. The magazine is in shops now (From August 4th).

This follows on from the BBC article that we also featured in a month ago as well as the Yachting Monthly article. It is interesting to see the interest peaking again in the issues around end of life boats. It is certainly an issue that will only get worse if the current cost of living crisis continues to worsen. People simply won’t be able to afford their boats and will look to shift them by any means necessary.

Marine Recycling

As recycling is a hot topic at the moment it is only right that marine recycling gets more attention. To have a recreational industry like boating have such a big environmental problem isn’t right. Something needs to be done it’s good to see that the industry is coming round to the idea. Practical Boat Owner readers are the sorts of boaters who will be seeing these issues develop first hand. As boats are left on moorings, in boat yards and marinas. Abandoned boats can have knock on effects to other boaters.

The article is featured alongside a scientific study by the University of Brighton. The study found traces of GRP in sea life from Chichester Harbour. The micro-shards of the glass are lodges in marine life and could potentially end up in our food chain.

Boat Disposal Issues

Our boat disposal team are always happy to talk to different media outlets about the issues we see. In contrast lots of people discuss the issue as a whole but have no real clue of the different challenges. But any future solution for end of life boat disposal has to still be affordable for the average person. Otherwise it will just increase the number of abandoned boats and not reduce it.

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