Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group reaches 38,000 Members

Our Boat Scrapyard Facebook group has reached over 38,000 members. Members from across the world continue to join and take part in what has become an active boating community. Originally the group was set up to keep people informed with what Boatbreakers is up to. However, as the membership grew rapidly through the numerous Covid lockdowns we realised the potential of the group.

We changed our approach and let members post their items, questions, funny boating memes and more. The freedom to post we think has helped the community to really grow. It is also a really handy place for us to conduct some market research or run ideas past our members.

Re-Homed or Recycled Old Boats

We love to see members of the Boat Scrapyard Facebook group asking each other for parts and advice. Many boat owners have re-homed old boats and cleared their sheds of boat bits. Every 500 new boat scrapyard members we run giveaways through free competitions. It’s amazing how keen people have become to win a Boatbreakers pen.

Boatbreakers Youtube

To join the group you can follow this link and click here (Boat Scrapyard Facebook Group). Once you are in, please invite your boaty friends to join too. We are aiming to reach 40k members but the more the merrier. Also follow our Youtube Channel which has now got over 2,000 Subscribers. The Boatbreakers team will be trying to provide much more content to share what we get up to each week. After the success of the Scrap Kings series on Quest we hope people will find it interesting.

The Boatbreakers Instagram is also a good place to see what types of boats we have been dealing with. We look forward to welcoming you to our Boat Scrapyard Facebook group to help you find that missing part you’ve been searching for. It’s also the perfect place for people who are new to the boating world.

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