Mirror Offshore Yacht Disposal

Our Boatbreakers team were out on the road again last week, this time not far from home in Netley. We were asked to remove a Mirror Offshore Yacht that had been sat in a residential parking area for over ten years. The boat had bilge keels and had been sat on her trailer untouched.

Whilst the Boatbreakers team were there we were also asked to remove a rowing boat and an old Bosun dinghy. The dinghy was completely full of old water. Her hull was also wrapped in Ivy from the nearby bush.

Disintegrated Keels

The Mirror Offshore yacht was also in a poor condition. One of her keels has disintegrated and all of the wood on her was completely rotten.

On the face of it the job seemed a simple one. There were a few issues we could foresee, the tight access to the site through a narrow wooden gate and the trailer potentially collapsing.

The team decided to do the job in two trips. First to check the trailer, inflate the tyres and chop the two smaller boats. This means we could focus all of our efforts on the yacht in the second visit.

During the first visit the team managed to inflate the tyres. They weren’t great but they held enough air to make the wheels turn enough to be winched on. Her previous owner had the foresight to put wooden blocks under the trailer. This had offered extra support and largely protected the tyres from being completely wrecked.

Yacht Collection Day

Collection day started smoothly. The team helped Steve reverse the flatbed trailer through the narrow gate and into position. We then removed the ramps from the back of the trailer and hooked on the winch hook.

The team then had the awkward situation of being thrust in the middle of a domestic between the boat’s owner and her former partner. Despite leaving the boat on his ex partner’s land untouched for a decade he was now trying to stop her removal.

With the help of some neighbours we explained that the boat was never going to see the water again. Unless the former owner wanted to pour thousands into restoring her. Plus the scrap cost had been covered by his former partner so he was actually getting a good deal.

Finally the Boat was Removed

The Boatbreakers team defused the situation by offering to store the boat at the scrapyard before disposal. This gave the former owner time to arrange getting her back if he really wanted to. It also meant the lady who owned the land finally removed the boat.

As promised the team waited for a week before crushing the boat. The owner’s former partner (as expected) didn’t come to collect the boat. Parts from the Mirror Offshore Yacht will soon be listed on BoatScrapyard.com.

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