Movie Star Contessa 34OOD

The Contessa 34OOD yacht we had in for scrap has had an interesting month before her disposal. Originally we had the boat in for scrap just before Covid hit. This meant that the destruction of the boat was delayed whilst the world was on lockdown.

As restrictions began to be lifted and industries started to spark back into life we had a call from a Movie company. The production team were looking for a large yacht to be part of a set. At first they were looking for a 40ft yacht but we explained that the Contessa at 34ft was the closest we had.

Rent A Breaker

Our Boatbreakers team sent some pictures of the Contessa and the production company liked what they saw. A deal was done to rent the boat to them for however long they needed her for. We made sure that she was empty of any rain water or any excess waste that could cause any issues.

The boat was lifted and loaded by Gosport Boat Yard. Our chosen boat transport company then delivered the boat to the movie set. Once the boat was delivered the set was built around her. We’re guessing it’s a boatyard or marina scene.

Top Secret

We aren’t allowed to reveal which movie the boat will be featured in (just yet!) as it could be a plot spoiler. But the movie should be released early next year.

It’s always good fun for us to provide boats or parts to TV or Movies. Previously we have provided boats and parts to Doctor Who, Humans (Channel 4), and Star Wars. We are looking forward to seeing which movie we can add to that list.

When filming had finished we arranged for the boat to be collected and returned to the scrap yard. It was interesting to see how the production team had made some changes to the boat. There is a new name painted on the bow as well as fake barnacles and sea weed.

Boat Recycling

Our Boat breaking team will now go about stripping the boat as originally planned. There are plenty of winches and deck fittings that people will be looking for. We hope that as much of the boat is recycled as possible. Even sections of FRP from the hull will be saved as we now try to supply the University of Brighton with samples to research.

The Contessa originally came into us after her owner decided he wanted out of paying £6,000 a year to store a boat that had fallen into disrepair.

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