11,000 Members in the Boat Scrapyard Group

Our Facebook Boat Scrapyard Group we set up during lockdown has reached another big milestone. We now have over 11,000 boaty members. The plan was to get a blog post up about hitting the 10,000 members but we reached 11,000 soon after!

It’s growing nicely and becoming helpful for boat owners to find those parts they can’t source anywhere else. The group has also meant that we have been able to save more boat bits than ever before. With more parts being picked off of boats it cuts down how much of the boat is wasted.

Boating Bargains

If you haven’t joined already where have you been? It will always be the first place we share what we have coming in. The early bird catches the boating bargain in the group. We also run competitions and giveaways to keep things interesting for the members.

As Boatbreakers continues to grow we think it’s a great asset to have such an active forum of people looking for boat bits. The more people aware of what we get up to the better as we hope it encourages boat owners to recycle their boats ethically and not abandon them. As ultimately it’s every tax payer in the country who then has to foot the bill. Abandoned boats are exactly the same as fly tipping.

Affordable Boat Bits

Our next big goal is to reach 15k then 20k members. We are sure there is the appetite across the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond for affordable boat bits. The more people around the world who start to recycle marine equipment the more people can get into boating without breaking the bank.

Setting up the group has almost become a business in itself. With so many people keen to talk about what we do it can sometimes be a daunting task to deal with all of the messages.

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