Boat Scrapyard Marketplace

The Boatbreakers team are excited to launch a classifieds section to our Boat Scrapyard store. The new site will be called Boat Scrapyard Marketplace and will offer people the chance to list and sell their boat bits for free. We won’t be charging any listing or final value fees.

Just like on Facebook where people list items for sale we want to help those people who don’t use social media. Our Boatbreakers team are always getting calls from people looking for bits or wanting to sell parts. The new site will be the perfect place. Obviously eBay is probably the current go to site but there’s so many other products. We want to keep our site completely boaty like an online boat jumble.

Online Boat Jumble

All you have to do is register with a login and then you’re free to list your items on the site. Our team don’t harvest your data and sell it on like other larger sites. We are just trying to grow a busy selling site that can benefit all boat owners.

When you list and item on the site it will be a classified ad. Our team won’t get involved in any of the payment side of things. Like on the FB Marketplace it will be down to you to arrange payment for the items. We would recommend using payment services like Paypal or SumUp as they will help in any conflict resolution.

If you have any issues with any sellers on the Marketplace site please let the Boatbreakers team know and we will be happy to block them from selling. But we’re sure that won’t happen very often.

Recycled Boat Bits

The new Boat Scrapyard site will also run side by side with our main Boat Scrapyard shop which is filled with the bits we get off of recycled boats. We will also be talking about items getting listed on the site on our Boat Scrapyard Facebook group that is now at 20,000+ Members!

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