Dinghy Disposal in West Sussex

Our Boat Breaking team were out on the road again to collect a dinghy for disposal. The dinghy was located in a garden in East Grinstead (West Sussex). Dinghy disposal collections are usually straightforward as the boat itself can be man handled onto the trailer. Firstly this removes the need for any lifting equipment. Secondly it often means we can collect multiple vessels at once.

Dinghy disposal jobs are also fairly simple to chop up on site if they prove too difficult to move in one piece. This dinghy was a Beneteau Wizz, which is a fairly light dinghy. However at around 70kg it still need two of us to comfortably lift her out of her position down the side of the house.

In the Garden for 20 Years

Her owner told us that the dinghy had been sat down the side of the house for 20 years. Now they had decided to improve access down the side of the property and the dinghy was just in the way. The only tricky part of the dinghy disposal collection was lifting the dinghy across the muddy ground where some bushes had been removed. It felt like walking on quicksand at some points.

Old dinghies in gardens, sheds or driveways is a regular job for our team. Dinghy owners seem to be happy to bring the boats back to their homes to save on the storage fees of a club or a boat yard. But over the years the trailer wheels deflate, the trollies rust and the dinghies go green. As a result this usually ends up with the owners never getting back on the water.

Dinghy Disposal Specialists

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If you have a dinghy that is beyond economical repair just use our Scrap Calculator. One of the team can then work out the cheapest price possible for us to collect and scrap. Dinghy disposal is our speciality so let us clear your unwanted boat.

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