Boat Disposal in Winchester

Sometimes the boats we deal with are in perfect working order until an accident happens. This week the boat breaking team had another unfortunate boat to deal with.

Every year the UK is usually hit by a number of big storms. Whilst the vast majority of boats will escape unscathed there is always a few that are damaged. When the storms roll in to harbours they can throw yachts from their moorings. Some sink or others end up stranded on the rocks. However the most recent yacht in had slightly more unlucky circumstances.

Storm Damaged Yacht

Our latest boat in for disposal is a storm damaged yacht. Although this yacht wasn’t anywhere near the sea. She was in a compound near Winchester on a trailer. During a big storm one of the large trees came down and smashed into the yacht. As you can see from the pictures it knocked the yacht off of the trailer.

The owner of the yacht got in contact and asked us to arrange for her disposal. In terms of collection it was a simple plan. We sent our Hiab to Winchester and had the boat and trailer lifted away. If we had tried to collect the boat without a Hiab it would have been a nightmare. In our opinion the boat would have been too heavy to be able to safely winch on to our flatbed.

Damaged Trailer

Thankfully before we had arrived the owners of the compound had the fallen tree cut up and removed. It is always important to get good access around the boat when we have to lift them. This is because the longer the crane arm has to reach the less it can lift. As there was no access problems with this compound the collection was relatively straight forward. The only tricky part was righting the yacht back on to the damaged trailer.

The yacht was recovered back to the boat scrapyard for our team to strip down anything worth saving. Anything that we do save will then be listed on our Boat Scrapyard shop site or the Facebook Group.

Scrap Now Save Later

Finally, if you have a boat that has been damaged in a storm and is beyond economical repair just use our Scrap Calculator. Our team will work out the best price we can for the collection and disposal of your boat. The vast majority of the time it will be cheaper than the costly repairs or storage charges that your boat will need.  Thousands of boat owners have chosen to scrap to escape the financial trappings of boat ownership.

Tree Damaged Boat
Tree Damaged Yacht Disposal
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