America’s Pilot Boat Disposal Program

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Abandoned boats are a growing global problem. Boatbreakers focus our efforts on the UK and Europe but across the Atlantic there is a similar problem occurring. At Boatbreakers we often get enquiries from American boat owners who are looking to dispose of their end of life vessel in a responsible manner.

The Issue of Boat Disposal

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End of Life Boats are a problem that won't just go away. During the last sixty years, the marine industry has been churning out increasing numbers of recreational and working craft, the majority being fibreglass (glass fibre reinforced polyester).

Boat Recycling Article

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At Boatbreakers we always enjoy reading articles written about the subject of Boat Recycling. Recently we came across two articles on the NauticExpo e-magazine site that we found to be an interesting read.

Boatbreakers Information

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Boatbreakers may soon be involved in a British/French study in disposing of end of life boats. We were asked to write some text outlining what it is we do as a busniness. Whilst we wait to hear if the study will get the official go ahead we think the information in the statement might be interesting to read.

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