Boat Giveaway

The Boatbreakers team are always on the lookout for boats that we think are neglected or abandoned. Recently we saw an example of a potential boat giveaway.

Our Boatbreakers team were recently out in Langstone Harbour, on a boat we had just purchased. Whilst we were putting the boat through her paces we noticed plenty of boats that should probably be scrapped.

Scrap Boat Hotspot

Many of them were still on moorings and many more were abandoned on the beach. Once we had finished with the sea trial we headed to the beach to inspect the abandoned boats. The beach by Eastney in Langstone harbour is a hotspot for boats that we scrap.

Every year the harbour board office instruct us to quote on disposing of a number of boats they have on their hit list. Usually, the boats are old stripped bare GRP yachts.

Wooden Fishing Boat

However, one boat stood out to us this time. It was a wooden fishing boat. The boat was listing to one side on the beach and on the front of the boat it had a sign. The sign read “free boat to anyone who wants it”.

It’s interesting because it shows how people will literally give away their boats to avoid having to deal with it once it becomes end of life. Or even before then when they can’t afford costly repair bills. In its day the boat would’ve been worth thousands as it was a nice size fishing boat.

But now if it comes to scrapping the boat will cost thousands to dispose of due to the waste disposal fees of the hull material.

Pass on the Problem

Whilst it is good that the owner is looking to move the boat on to someone who will look after her. Chances are the boat is too far gone to ever be made good again. Subsequently, this means that the boat will just be passed around until inevitably it will be abandoned. Then the bill to clear the waste awful to the taxpayer or the harbour authority.

Are you someone who would love to take a boat on as a project? Our advice would be to go to local boatyards or harbours. We’re sure they’ll be plenty of boats people will happily give away. In addition, you can contact us and see what we have coming in.

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If you have a boat that is close to end of life get in contact. Our Scrap Calculator will give you an idea of the cost but it can usually be whittled down.

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