Boatbreakers Boat Removal From Driveway

Boatbreakers collect and dispose of hundreds of boats every year. The vast majority of boats that we collect across the UK would’ve come from the marinas or boatyards. However, you may be surprised to know that the next most frequent boat removal location is from peoples gardens or driveways.

If the boat is the right size and it’s sat nicely on a trailer the garden/driveway is a cheap storage solution. But sometimes this can be the boats undoing. Because the boat isn’t costing the owner any money they don’t view it as much of a problem. And if the boat starts to fall down the list of priorities it soon becomes an out of sight out of mind problem.

Quite simply people sometimes just accept the old boat as part of the scenery. We have collected boats in the past that have been built in people’s gardens and had never gone to sea. This is probably because of the cost to get the boat launched and moved. If those same boat owners had been building a boat in a boatyard, it would cost them money each month. In this scenario, the chances are they’d be more likely to get it finished.

Saving Marriages One Boat at a Time

Boatbreakers must have saved hundreds of marriages as partners finally bite the bullet and get rid of the unfinished project boat sat in their property. It is always satisfying for our team to see the before/after images once we have removed a boat from a driveway. Whether it’s a boat on a driveway or in a garden people love the new found space.

We recently collected a yacht from Yeovil which had been sat on the driveway for close to 15 years. The trailer under the boat had perished the wheels barely turned. We had to somehow drag it up onto a trailer. Once we had removed the boat off of the driveway we could see the damage it had done. The boat had sunken into the paving in front of the garage.

Boat on Driveway

There are scrap boats on driveways all across the country that need removing. Whenever you are in a coastal town or inland, see if you can spot them. With Marina and boatyard fees being so high we think that the number of boats left in gardens/driveways will only increase.

If you have an old boat on the driveway get in contact. Just use our Scrap Calculator and we can usually get in contact within two weeks. When you choose to scrap with us we will donate to Sea-Changers.

Boat Removal from Driveway in Yeovil
Boat Removal From Driveway - BeforeBoat Removal From Driveway - After
Hayling Island Yacht Removal From Driveway
Hayling Island - Boat Removal from Driveway - Yacht Removal - BeforeHayling Island - Boat Removal from Driveway - Yacht Removal - After