At Boatbreakers we are always looking to support research and news ideas for the re-use of end of life fibreglass. We were recently contacted by an architecture student Marion Delaporte. Marion who is from Luxembourg is studying in London wanted to find out whether old fibreglass from end of life boats could be used as a building material.

Our team were more than happy to help her in her study and we agreed to provide her with as much GRP as she needed. We also explained what we thought would be the problems she may face with the material. From our experience we see that the GRP is oftens mixed with layers of foam or wood. When there is a mixture of materials it can make it tricky to separate.


It seems that Marion’s project was a success. The lecturers agreed with her that there could well be a re-use for the fibreglass. Boatbreakers have also been included on the OPALIS Website which is website dedicated to providers of recycled building materials. If you would like second hand fibrgelass for building projects we will have to cut it to order. When old boats come to us we try not to hold onto them for too long. So the fibreglass pieces will need to be cut to order.

Marion was kind enough to let us share her article she wrote for the project. So if you would like to read the findings of Marion’s study click the link below.

If like Marion you would like to use old fibgrelass from the boats we recycle, please just get in contact. We can provide you with as much as you need. Whether you are looking to study it or use it for an art project we will do our best to help.

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