Boatbreakers Video Hits 5k Subscribers

For many years the Boatbreakers Video Youtube channel was a little side project. We tried to film what we got up to but we’d never really given it too much attention. That was until our first viral video of a fishing boat being salvaged helped us get to 2000 subscribers.

Since that first big video took off Youtube have launched Shorts. They are short videos like a Tiktok or Instagram Reels that people flick through. Our Boatbreakers team put some short clips up and we were impressed with how they always seemed to get thousands of views.

JAWS in Gosport

Fast forward to January 2023 and we had a local salvage job in Gosport. A fishing boat had gone down in a storm and needed to be recovered. After the divers had attached some barrels and got her away from the pontoon she was dragged to the slipway. Whilst watching this all happen it became clear how similar this was to a scene from the movie JAWS. It did look like a giant shark was pulling the boat beneath the surface.

We knew this little clip would make a great Youtube Short and we added the iconic JAWS theme music to really complete the effect. Within a few hours the video had a couple of thousand views which we were happy with. Then after a week or so something strange started to happen, the video completely took off. In a mater of hours it was at 30k, 40k and even 100k views. This all happened on a Friday afternoon as we were packing up for the weekend.

1 Million Views

After a busy weekend the team logged in on Monday to check the Youtube channel and our subscribers had jumped by 1500 to 3500. Next we checked the video and it was at 600k views. We thought that might be where the momentum stopped but the video continued to rise. We soon hit 4k subscribers and 1 million views which was a great milestone to reach. At the time of writing we’ve just surpassed 5k subscribers and almost 2.4million views. To see the video click here.

It’s always great fun to ride the viral video wave and watch the views rack up. To think that people in the United States, Brazil, Japan, South Africa are watching in the tens of thousands is great.



If you haven’t subscribed to the Boatbreakers Video Youtube Channel then what are you waiting for? We will try to fill it up with videos of what we get up to in the world of boat disposal.