Boatbreakers at Boot Dusseldorf 2020

Boatbreakers will be visiting the 2020 Dusseldorf Boat show. The show is one of the largest boat shows in the world. We think it will interesting to see if Marine Recycling even gets a mention.

Our team will be walking around and talking to anyone we spot that is either conscious of the problem or could help us expand into Europe. In 2019 Boatbreakers has already opened a brand in Poland. A network of boat recycling site across the continent is surely the future for the industry.

Growing Issue

In previous years visiting Boat shows for our team has been a fairly pointless affair. But as the marine industry wakes up to the growing issue of abandoned/end of life boats things are changing.

At the Southampton boat show we talked with the BMF, The Green Blue, Insurance Companies, and even boat builders.

Shiny New Boats

The Boot Dusseldorf show will be filled with shiny new boats and thousands of new marine products. But we do hope that amongst all of the product there are some like-minded people who care about the future impact of all these boats.

Germany is famous for being organised and efficient. If the Germans are boat breaking it would probably the most organised system in the World.

We know that there are German companies who offer boat disposal as a service and we are hoping they will be at the show. It would be great to learn the processes they use and how we could implement them in the UK.

Boatbreakers in public eye

One of the benefits of walking around a show like Dusseldorf is that it helps us to get Boatbreakers in the public eye. The shows also help us to understand the boats we will be dealing with in the future and what they cost!

Also a  large part of our business is the recycling and resale of second hand boat bits. Something which many other breakers yards who may dabble in boat disposal would simply throw away. These shows give us more of an idea how much some of the parts are worth. This means we can offer our customers money saving alternatives to extortionate marine prices.

Keep an eye on our social media and blog for our thoughts across the weekend. Hopefully we meet some interesting people with recycling on their agenda!